Target carp caught at 39lb 2oz

Sean Leverett has ended his campaign on CEMEX Angling’s Road Lake in style by banking his target fish at its biggest ever weight of 39lb 2oz.

Arriving at the three-acre venue just before first light, the Essex-based consultant for bait firm Sticky did a couple of laps of the water and spotted a few fish starting to show close to a set of snags. He wasted no time getting a Vor-Tex pop-up hookbait positioned close to the feature and fired out just six 12mm freebies over the top.

“Once the rods were all sorted I sat down with a brew and put a post on Facebook saying, ‘back on the Road Lake for my last session of the season. Let’s see what the lake treats me to… Orange Spot would cap it off nicely,’” he told Angling Times.

Then in a bizarre twist of fate he received a take on the rod fished towards the snags less than 45 minutes later. “The carp gave a really good account of itself and after one hell of a scrap I netted a decent size fish. On looking in the net I was unsure which one it was at first, but when I rolled it over to get a look at its side I realised I had in fact caught the very fish I had written about earlier. The fish isn’t known for coming out late on in the season and I think it has only been caught at this time of year twice in the past.”

Sean’s winning presentation consisted of a multi-rig tied with an ESP Strip Teaze Two Tone Silt hooklink and a size 5 Stiff Rigger hook.

“In a quick overnighter earlier in the week I managed to land the mirror known as the Big Fully at a weight of 30lb 6oz, so overall it was a fantastic end to the season on the water. I ended up with a total of 18 bites from the lake which I’m more than happy with for my first year on the venue.”