Swim change results in first UK thirty

Tommi Jackson only had one fish during his week session on a private 37-acre Lincolnshire water, but he certainly wasn’t complaining as it resulted in his new personal and first UK thirty in the form of this 32lb 10oz mirror.

Winning tactics for the 15-year-old schoolboy included a 14mm BM Baits Tangee Bird pop-up hookbait offered on a hinged-stiff rig tied with a size 8 Nash Fang X hook and a 30lb fluorocarbon hooklink. This was fished at 115yds over a scattering of freebies.

He said: “I fished one spot for three nights but after seeing a few fish I moved to the opposite side and a little further along. After 4 nights at 8:15am I had a series of single bleeps and the line tightened up. This is the first time the fish known as Cut Tail has been out this year.”