Swim change produces 43lb 4oz common

Staying mobile proved to be the key to success for Charlie Walker who topped a three fish hit with this 43lb 4oz common from the Walthamstow 2 and 3 reservoirs after changing swims three times.

The Oxon-based 14-year-old landed a small 10lb common shortly after arriving and then moved to a different area of the day’s only venue and helped himself to a fish of 25lb 4oz.

A final move towards the end of the session resulted in him breaking his old personal best of 32lb 8oz with the lake’s Big Common.

“The take was more like that of a bream and it came in so easily at first that my dad even asked me if it was still on,” Charlie told Angling Times. “After plodding along the margins for a couple of minutes it went in the net on the first attempt. It was only at this point that we realised just how big it was.”

To achieve a good presentation over the silty lakebed he used a Nash Scopex Squid pop-up on a size 8 Nash Fang X hook and a combi-rig hooklink. This was cast out in conjunction with a small PVA bag of crushed boilies.