Surprise 4lb 2oz River Ivel perch

When Chris Mount went fishing for livebaits for an upcoming pike session the last thing he expected to catch was this stunning 4lb 2oz perch.

The Bedfordshire-based rod had embarked on an early season predator trip on the Jordan’s Mill stretch of the River Ivel and set up a light waggler rig to catch minnows for bait.

But his rhythm was soon disrupted when the float went under and the culprit shot off.

Convinced a small jack pike had taken his maggot hookbait he waited for the 2lb line to break but the tension set in once the distinctive dorsal fin of a large stripy broke the surface.

“I couldn’t believe it and I knew I had to take my time as I was using very light gear. It was a huge surprise but I’m delighted as it beat my previous best for the species by 10oz,” said Chris.