Stiff-hinged rig produces 43lb 7oz pb mirror

A three month blank spell came to a welcome end for Scott Parkin when he smashed his personal best with a 43lb 7oz mirror from a Cambridgeshire stillwater.

With no fish showing, the St Neots-based rod decided to focus on an area of the 20-acre lake where he had last seen signs of carp activity at the beginning of December. This was a large, 14ft deep silty area at the bottom of a marginal shelf before the lakebed rose up slightly and became covered in a thick weedbed.

Before actually fishing the spot, Scott baited the area with 0.5kg of Mainline Baits Cell boilies three times a week for four weeks.

“It all looked good when I arrived for my session and I had the lake to myself until a mate came down a little later on,” said the 28-year-old. “I’d put all three rods over the pre-baited area and just as I saw my friend’s car headlights pull through the gates my right-hand rod rattled off. It was a slow and heavy fight which gave my mate enough time to make it round to my swim and do the honours with the net. We both knew it was a lump when it turned on its side, showing off its impressive bulk before slipping into the net. When we peered into the mesh I recognised the fish, but it still took an age to sink in that I had just landed the lake’s biggest resident. At 43lb 7oz it was a new venue record and broke my previous pb by over 6lb.”

Scott didn’t have long to savour the catch as just moments after returning his prize the bobbin on his middle rod pulled up tight. “I had waited three months for a bite and then practically had two at once. You couldn’t make it up! Despite briefly finding sanctuary in a weedbed I soon had a 19lb common on the mat.”

The next day he lost a fish and with everything going quiet he rebaited the area with a wide scattering of boilies.

“I was woken by a couple of liners on Sunday morning and then at 10am I had a take on my left-hand-rod. This time I landed another cracking mirror of 38lb 14oz. This fish was last caught in November at 41lb 8oz, so even though it was slightly down in weight it was the perfect way to end a dream session.”

All of his fish were taken on hinged-stiff rigs tied with Fox Rigidity and ESP Stiff Rigger hooks.