Silver bream record broken

This is a picture of the new British record silver bream, which weighed 3lb 1oz and was caught by Matthew Faulkner last week.

After targeting the Specimen Lake at the Mill Farm complex in West Sussex with little success, Matthew borrowed a feeder rod off a friend who was fishing one of the venue’s other coarse lakes.

After attaching a EUTEC Developments ready-tied rig and a small pellet hookbait, he didn’t have long to wait for a bite, which to his sheer delight resulted in the new British best, which beats the old record for the species of 2lb 14oz, caught from the same venue in 2009.

“I wasn’t catching anything so I went over to my mate and said ‘let’s have a go’ as he was catching loads of small stuff and I just wanted to get some bites,” said Matthew.

“He was more than happy to help me out, but when I netted this bream I really thought he was going to throw me into the lake!”