Sandhurst forty on maggots

MAGGOTS are regarded as one of the best winter carp baits – and Jon Ogan can certainly pay testament to this after breaking his personal best with this 41lb 4oz mirror known as Nige’s Fish during a 48 hour session at Yateley Sandhurst Lake.

When he arrived at the venue, the West Sussex-based rod found the majority of anglers set up at one end of the lake, and with no fish showing he decided to get away from the angling pressure and headed to the far end of the water.

“I’d fished the swim previously and soon had my rods out over a deep silt gulley at 60yds,” said Jon. “I put a dozen or so Spombs of maggots out that had been coated in Sticky's Pure Krill Powder and fished a bunch of maggots over the top.”

The first night passed without event but the following afternoon, just as he was thinking about moving swims, a fish crashed close to his spot.

“I quickly re-baited my spots with another dozen Spombs of the krilled maggots before landing two rigs right on the money. Everything was looking good and a couple of hours later my right hand indicator pulled up tight and the clutch started to give a little line.

“I lifted into the fish which stayed low and a slow fight ensued, I had a feeling it was a good fish and I was praying that my hook wouldn't pull out as it plodded up and down the margin. All the time I was expecting the fish to wake up properly and give me a pasting but my luck held and she popped up and I scooped her up quick and easy.”

Jon’s winning maggot presentation consisted of a 5ins 10lb Daiwa Sensor hooklink knotless knotted to a size 8 hook with a PVA bag of maggots.