Prebaiting scores for 8lb 4oz chub

A heavy prebaiting campaign helped Carl Welch tempt this immaculate 8lb 4oz chub from a stretch of the Lower Thames.

The Middlesex-based rod introduced a large batch of hemp, boilies and pellets close to a bush over a three day period and shortly after first wetting a line he received the all-important take.

Within seconds of setting the hook, the fish had bolted off the gravel patch towards the far bank snags and Carl was forced to pile on the pressure to bring it back into open water.

“I was convinced I’d hook a barbel to start with as the fish had so much power and when I finally banked it I was gobsmacked. I consider myself very lucky to land such a specimen in the opening stages of the season,” he explained.

An Aqua Dynaminx boilie presented alongside a PVA bag of crushed up freebies proved too tempting for the big chub, with 10lb mainline and a size 8 Korda Kaptor Kurv Shank making sure the hair raising battle ended in success.