Peck on fire

Prolific carp catcher Darrell Peck has been getting among the bigger residents of a southern gravel pit and during a three night session on the 50-acre venue landed this 40lb 4oz mirror.

A fish of 35lb also graced the net of the Korda employee who set up in a swim where he had taken carp of 32lb and 27lb the previous week.

Convinced the lake’s fish spent the majority of their out in the middle of the water, Darrell had been concentrating his efforts around the central swims on the venue.

Over the course of the session he introduced 6kg of Mainline Baits new Hybrid bait and fished 10mm Milky Toffee pop-ups over the top. These were mounted on hinged-stiff rigs tied with 20lb Korda N-Trap and 20lb Mouthtrap along with size 8 Choddy hooks.

To achieve the distance required to get close to where the fish were holed up he used 4oz distance leads in conjunction with a 20lb braid mainline and a 50lb Armakord shock leader.