PB smashed with stalked 43lb 12oz mirror

Marc Wheatley proved you don’t need to spend days camped out on the bank to catch big carp when he stalked this 43lb 12oz mirror from Startops on the Tring Reservoirs complex in Hertfordshire.

After locating a group of carp in a small bay on the 26-acre water, the local rod baited a spot with a mixture of pellets, boilies and corn. He then returned the next day, put in another kilo of mix and fished a couple of solid PVA bag presentations over the top.

The fish moved back in to the bay in the evening and 20 minutes later line began to be stripped off his reel. “I had never experienced such an aggressive run,” he told AT.

“After 30 minutes I saw a huge tail break the surface and a few moments later she was in the net. It smashed my pb of 24lb 8oz and is a catch I don’t think I will ever better.”