One session, two personal bests

Roy Russell broke his personal best for two different species during a session on Richworth Linear Fisheries’ Manor Farm Lake with this 41lb 4oz mirror and a tench of 10lb 4oz.

After finding a group of carp showing in an area of the Oxfordshire day-ticket venue he located a clear patch among the weed at 115yds. This was then baited with a combination of white maggots and 12mm Aqua Dynamix The Edge boilies over the top of which he cast a pop-up hookbait tipped with eight maggots inside a solid PVA bag packed with freebies.

“The fish rolled over a couple of rodlengths over and when I saw the row of scales along its flank I knew it was one of the lake’s two big linears. Once in the net I had a quick check and recognised it as the one known as Kempy’s Linear – a fish I’ve been after for a while.”

Carp of 28lb 8oz, 26lb 10oz and 24lb 8oz also visited the bank before he hooked into his second pb of the trip. “The fish stayed deep throughout the fight and at first I thought it was a small carp. I was delighted to see a chunky tench coming over the net cord and on the bank it beat my previous best for the species of 8lb 8oz.”

Roy presented his hookbaits on size 8 Fox hooks and short 4ins Vardis supple braid hooklinks.