Observation pays off with brace of thirties

Check out this excellent catch report which we have just received from Joe Turnbull…

“Sometimes you just have to be in it to win and in my most recent session it took a lot for me to grin and bear it. Fishing with a good mate of mine and angling partner John Bassili we turned up at the lake to find a 25mph South-westerly wind battering the dam wall bank at our newly-joined syndicate. Large waves and seriously strong winds saw ducks and geese blown off course whilst trying to land and standing face on in it lasted for only a few minutes as it made our eyes and ears hurt! It wasn’t long before fish were noted and subsequently rigs and baits were put in place, but even that was a task any S.A.S. man would have been proud of.

“A quick look up from the small bush we’d placed our bivvys behind was just enough to enable us to pop our heads out and cast out. Twenty-four hours went past, but to our surprise without a sniff or single bleep, except for that of the wind-smashed Delkims! During those hours my eyes were hell bent on spotting and trying to see fish as I would have sworn they’d be right under my feet. But, that evening we spotted fish at around 80-100 yards out but with a gale force wind it was a struggle to get in the vicinity. So out came the 30lb Arma-Kord shockleader tied directly to my Kontour main line, coupled with a 3.5oz distance lead on a Hybrid clip. I stood up and smashed the lead through the wind which the Arma-Kord did as usual like that of an egg slice and the rigs landed nicely where I’d seen them.

“Well it wasn’t long after at approx 7.00am the next morning that the bobbin pulled out of the Stow bobbins clip and a one toner told me I had a good fish on. After a good battle a very angry carp glided into the net and once up on the scales they read 31lb on the nose, wow what a start. Another day passed, but that morning I was awoken yet again by another one toner and after a bleary-eyed battle with what felt like a lump of floating concrete with a tail saw another good fish go in the net. The needle spun around to 37lb 8oz and after the pics were taken all I wanted to do was crawl into my bed after being completely broken by the winds. A session that I’ll never forget and one made even more special by the lovely carp that were landed. 

“I used a small length of 15lb Korda Mouth Trap tied combi-rig style to a short length of 15lb Soft Silt stripped right back. At the business end I used a size 6 Choddy hook and bent the Mouth Trap around to create a very safe kind of bent hook pattern.”