New fishing tips app sponsored by Fladen’s Matt Hayes Adventure range of tackle

Fladen’s newly launched fishing app has proved successful after shooting to number 8 in the Top 25 Sporting apps by day 2.
This brilliant new app is crammed full of hints and tips that guarantee to make you a better angler. Covering all the major coarse species, this easy-to-use reference will become your bankside bible and is certain to put more fish in your net.
There are eight different species covered within the app: carp, pike, tench, roach, bream, perch, chub and barbel. And within each section, there are tips on the bait, tackle and tactics that will help make you a better angler. Want to know the best way to catch summer carp? Or what about the chub bait you daren’t leave home without? Those answers, and 350 brilliant fish-catching tips, are in this app.
Sponsored by Fladen’s Matt Hayes Adventure range, the app also includes detailed bait, tackle and rig pictures that further enhance each of the tips.
This app, which at £1.99 costs less than a pint of maggots, is the best of its kind in the App Store and comes from the biggest name in fishing.