Nene Valley 40lb 10oz mirror landed

Check out this excellent catch report which we’ve just received from James Jakings on the capture of a Nene Valley forty...

“I had been on the waiting list for this Nene Valley syndicate for 2 years and it was a Friday that my session fell on.  Knowing what resided in the lake I was itching to get the rods out. 

“Having a PB of 29lb 15oz I thought I was in with a good chance of upping this during the coming season.  The weather was poor and with the river only 300yds from the lake, it had flooded the land between the two. However, my cousin Ady and I barrowed all our gear for the 2 nights around the back of the lake onto the high ground between the river and the lake – there was no way we were going home! 

“I settled into an area known as The Point Swim and put out some freebies as I set up my bivvy so I could get out of the rain. Three new rigs had been tied ready for the off. These were KD presentations using size 6 hooks with Korda N-Trap soft 15lb connected to a Korda lead clip, 2oz pear lead with 18" of tungsten tubing and 15lb green Subline. 

“My 3 rods were set - 1 to the left in a little bay and 2 straight in front.  It was cold, wet and windy so I spent most of the night in the bivvy taking shelter from the elements. The night and following day passed quickly with only the capture of a 7lb tench.   Although I tried hard to locate some carp, it was to no avail. It was as I sat down to tie up a bag of broken boillies when the left-hand Delkim burst into life. 

“I was on it in a flash and by the way it was stripping line I knew it was a carp. She broke the surface and I knew it was a good size. My cousin, Ady, slipped the net under my prize and said: “You have your PB!”
We popped her into the sling and identified her as the sought-after Moonscale at 40lb 10oz smashing my PB by just under 10lb.