Maver Mega 'Match This' Qualifier Results - 14th and 15th July

Monk Lakes – 15.07.12

Seventy two anglers attended the first ever Mega "Match This" qualifier event held at Monk Lakes, Marden (Kent). Conditions on the day were very pleasant with plenty of sunshine helping produce some of the most consistent weights of the competition recorded to date with just 3lbs separate third and fifth place overall.

Myles Levy (Bag 'Em Baits / Middy), who has already qualified for the British Pole Championships back in April from Viaduct Fishery, now books his place in the Grand Final. Myles drew peg 151 on Lake 4 and fished pellet shallow for the duration of the match to weigh in 195-14-00, the fourth largest catch of the competition so far.

Callum Mulvenna finished close behind in second place from peg 46 on Lake 2. Callum weighed in over 200lbs, but was penalised for having too many fish in one of his nets, thus had his overall weight reduced to 192-08-00. A costly mistake indeed! However, Callum still manages to qualify for the Maver British Pole Championships on Sunday 19th August.

Third on the day was a Mega "Match This" familiar face in Middy's Graham Dack. Graham drew peg 121 on Lake 3 to present 177-15-00 to the scales, booking his place in this years British Pole Championships.

Fourth place was awarded to John Whitelock, who drew peg 45 on Lake 2. John weighed in 175-00-00.

Darren Law (Monk Lakes) finished in fifth place after drawing peg 95 on Lake 3. Darren finished the match with 174-15-00.


Angler's Name                                   Weight (lbs/oz)                       Peg # / Lake
Myles Levy (Bag ‘Em Baits / Middy) 195-14-00                               151 (Lake 4)
Callum Mulvenna                                192-08-00                                46 (Lake 2)
Graham Dack (Middy)                       177-15-00                                121 (Lake 3)
John Whitelock                                   175-00-00                                45 (Lake 2)
Darren Law (Monk Lakes)                 174-15-00                                95 (Lake 3)
Pemb Wrighting (Maver)                    159-03-00                                106 (Lake 3)
Barry Mason                                       153-00-00                                117 (Lake 3)
Peter Upperton                                    144-04-00                                65 (Lake 2)

Qualifier for Grand Final: Myles Levy (Bag ‘Em Baits / Middy)
British Pole Championship Qualifiers: Callum Mulvenna, Graham Dack (Middy), John Whitelock, Darren Law (Monk Lakes) & Barry Mason


Gold Valley Lakes – 14.07.12

Seventy eight tickets were sold for this latest Mega "'Match This" qualifier event hosted by Gold Valley Lakes, Aldershot (Hampshire). Conditions on the day were mixed with breif periods of sunshine breaking through the cloud cover helping to switch on the resident carp with most of the action coming from the Middle Lake.

Winner on the day, and confirming his place in the big money final on Saturday 1st September was Jeremey Attwood. 'Jeb' drew peg 97 on the in-form Middle Lake and fished pole and pellet down the inside. Jeb caught carp up to 10lbs for a match-winning 183-06-00.

Maver / Marukyu rod Andy Kinder finished in second place on a "Match This" qualifier for a second time after finishing the match with 164-05-00. Andy drew peg 65, also on Middle Lake, and fished a method feeder over to one of the lake's sunken islands to catch carp up to 8lbs. Andy commented he could've easily won the match, but only managed to land four carp in the final hour, losing a number of fish to underwater snags. Andy has already qualified for the Maver British Pole Championships taking place on Sunday 19th August, therefore, his qualification place is handed down to the next highest placed angler Eddie Green. Both Nick Early, Mark Warne and Barry Parker already qualify for the event given their third, fourth and fifth place finishes respectively.

Third on the day was Nick Early. Nick drew next peg along to Andy on peg 64 and fished the method feeder before switching to the margins for the final throws of the match to weigh in 129-00-00. Nick, therefore, qualifies for the 2012 British Pole Championships at Larford Lakes.

Mark Warne finished in fourth place from peg 84 on Middle Lake weighing in 116-06-00. Mark caught down in the margins and on bomb and pellet.

Fifth place on the day was awarded to Barry Parker. Barry drew peg 22 on Gold Lake and finished the match weighing in 97-04-00, thus qualifying for the British Pole Championships and picking up a section win in the process.


Angler's Name                                   Weight (lbs/oz)                       Peg # / Lake
Jeremey Attwood                               183-06-00                                97 (Middle Lake)
Andy Kinder (Maver / Marukyu)       164-05-00                                65 (Middle Lake)
Nick Early                                           129-00-00                                64 (Middle Lake)
Mark Warne                                        116-06-00                                84 (Middle Lake)
Barry Parker                                        97-04-00                                  22 (Gold Lake)
Eddie Green                                        96-06-00                                  70 (Middle Lake)
Alex Clements                                    84-08-00                                  13 (Gold Lake)
Mark Barnett                                       82-00-00                                  74 (Middle Lake)
Pemb Wrighting (Maver)                    82-00-00                                  80 (Middle Lake)

Qualifier for Grand Final: Jeremey Attwood
British Pole Championship Qualifiers: Nick Early, Mark Warne, Barry Parker, Eddie Green & Alex Clements