Maver Mega 'Match This' Qualifier Result - Tunnel Barn Farm (28.07.12)

Ninety eight tickets were sold for Saturday's Mega 'Match This' qualifier held at the popular Tunnel Barn Farm venue in Shrewley, Warwickshire. Anglers were well spaced over Club, Top, House, Extension and New pools, with most of the day’s action coming from Top and Club.

The next angler booking his place into this year's Mega 'Match This' Grand Final was Malham Floats rod Gareth Malham (see attached picture). Gareth drew peg 31 on Top pool and fished pellet shallow at 7m. Gareth loose fed hard 4mm pellet consistently and alternated his depth between two inches and two feet to keep a steady flow of small F1's coming to the net averaging 6oz-12oz. Later on in the match, Gareth took a better stamp of fish with carp ranging from 1lb - 3lbs. Gareth's 152-13-00 gave him a comfortable victory on the day and also secures him a place in the 2012 Maver British Pole Championships.

Tunnel Barn regular and local angler Paul Newell (Kingsmill Redditch) finished second with 140-13-00 from peg 8, also on Top pool. Paul fished bread up in the water at 8m taking a good stamp of F1's. Then, after three hours, Paul switched to both his left and right margins to take big F1's as well as mirror and common carp on cat meat. Paul also qualifies for the British Pole Championships in August.

Warren Martin (Matrix) finished in third on the day from Club 24 weighing in 135-02-00. The current Fish O' Mania Champion fished worm down the edge throughout the match catching mostly F1's.

Fourth place on the day went to Jason Brown (Maver Gold) from peg 9 on Club pool. Jason fished chopped worm and caster down the edges for a weight of 128-13-00. Jason caught mainly small fish consisting of barbel to 1.5lbs and small F1's.

Fifth place went to Lee Wright (Matrix / Dynamite Baits / Trentman) from peg 20 on Club pool, weighing in 125-10-00. Lee fished short on just his top two down both his left and right margins with maggots and casters.

Angler's Name                                                                     Weight (lbs/oz)                                 Peg # / Lake
Gareth Malham(Malham Floats)                                              152-13-00                                            31 (Top)
Paul Newell (Kingsmill Redditch)                                             140-13-00                                            8 (Top)
Warren Martin (Matrix)                                                          135-02-00                                            24 (Club)
Jason Brown (Maver Gold)                                                      128-13-00                                            9 (Club)
Lee Wright (Matrix / Dynamite Baits / Trentman)                      125-10-00                                            20 (Club)
Chris Weeder Jnr (Leigh Tackle & Bait)                                    110-01-00                                            22 (Club)
Kerry Kirkwood (St. Helens Angling)                                        109-02-00                                            14 (Club)
Ronnie Biggs (OHMS)                                                            106-02-00                                            19 (Club)

British Pole Championship Qualifiers:
Gareth Malham
Paul Newell
Warren Martin
Jason Brown
Lee Wright