Maver Mega 'Match This' Qualifier Result - Stafford Moor (07.07.12)

Forty nine pegs were allocated for this latest, and second, Mega "Match This" qualifier at Stafford Moor, Devon. Conditions during the night before the match had been absolutely atrocious with six inches of rainfall raising the levels of all pools on site to such an extent that some pegs were as much as four inches under water come Saturday morning.

Booking his place in the Mega "Match This" Grand Final on September 1st was Lee Farmer (Got Baits). Lee drew peg 13 on Tanners lake and fished the long pole down the margins offering both worm and caster over a bed of sweetcorn to take thirty five carp up to 8lbs. Lee finished the match weighing in 159-12-00, winning the match by a comfortable margin over second placed Philip Cardwell. Lee is enjoying fantastic form at the venue of late having also won the Silver Fish Festival in March and then the Mosella festival in May.

In second place on the day was Sensas-backed rod Philip Cardwell. Philip drew peg 36 on Woody lake and fished a combination of both waggler and straight bomb to return twenty four carp for 98-04-00. Philip earns himself a place in this year's Maver British Pole Championships at Larford Lakes for his efforts.

David Stockton (Haines Angling) finished in third place from peg 2 on Pines lake. David fished a superb match on the shallow waggler to catch twenty eight small carp for a total 93-05-00. David also secures himself a place in the 2012 British Pole Championships at Maver Larford Lakes.

Fourth place on the day was awarded to Zac Newton (Exeter Pole Dancers). Zac weighed in 91-12-00 from peg 3 on Woody's to qualify for the British Pole Championships in August.

Adrian Marshall (Got Baits) secured the final British Pole Championship qualification spot from peg 16 on Woody's with 88-14-00.


Angler's Name                                                  Weight (lbs/oz)                                                 Peg # / Lake
Lee Farmer (Got Baits)                           159-12-00                                            13 (Tanners)
Philip Cardwell (Sensas)                         98-04-00                                               36 (Woody)
David Stockton (Haines Angling)              93-05-00                                               2 (Pines)
Zac Newton (Exeter Pole Dancers)            91-12-00                                               3 (Woody)
Adrian Marshall (Got Baits)                      88-04-00                                               16 (Woody)
David Roberts (South Wales)                   87-07-00                                               4 (Tanners)
Matthew Marshall (Barnsley)                     84-12-00                                               28 (Pines)
Jamie Parkhouse (Exeter)                        82-06-00                                               20 (Tanners)