Maver Mega 'Match This' Qualifier Result - Larford Lakes (30.06.12)

Sixty nine anglers attended this second Mega "Match This" qualifier at Maver Larford Lakes. Conditions on the day were ideal to begin with, but the moderate breeze soon turned into a near gale force wind making presentation (and feeding) on both lakes difficult. Apart from the wind, conditions were still good with prolonged periods of bright sunshine switching on the resident carp for the second half of the match producing some fantastic weights from all over the complex.

Winner on the day and booking his place in this year's Grand Final on September 1st was Andrew Musgrove. Andrew drew peg 14 on the Speci burr bank and opted to fish paste short at just 5m taking twenty two carp up to 15lbs for a total of 199-06-00. Andrew fished a very conservative match, keeping himself to himself. No one was expecting Stephen Openshaw's weight from peg 82 on the Chalet bank to be beaten, especially with the weighing scales having nearly made it round the entire lake!

Stephen Openshaw finished in second place from peg 82 on the Speci chalet bank with 187-14-00. Stephen started his match on the straight bomb, but was struggling after the first couple of hours. Steve was first to blink and switched to his inside line, which proved invaluable with Steve immediately finding the fish on worm over groundbait. Steve continued to catch well right up until the end of the match with carp up tp 22lbs and everyone was convinced he had done enough to earn his place in the Grand Final - a deserved result from a fantastic performance. However, it wasn't to be with nearly 200lbs coming from mid-way down on the Speci burr bank.

Third on the day was taken by Maver / Marukyu rod, Andy Kinder from neighbouring peg 81. Andy, like Steve, began his match fishing bomb and pellet and caught steadily for the first couple of hours. Andy then came short on the method feeder upon seeing Steve catching well down the inside on the next peg. Andy alternated between both meat and JPz on the hook to take bream up to 4lbs and carp to 15lbs for a final 162-04-00. It was fish for fish between Andy and Steve Openshaw, but whereas Andy's fish were averaging a better stamp towards the end, he was having to wait longer for the bites which ultimately cost him. However, Andy's third place finish see's him into this year's British Pole Championships.

Bryan Travis finished in fourth place from end peg 8 on the Match grass bank. Bryan fished pole and pellet at 5m for the duration of the match to weigh in 162-00-00 and earn a place in the British Pole Championships in August.

Maver rod Ian Giddins also secures his place in the British Pole Championships after finishing with 144-06-00 from end peg 4 on the Speci burr bank. Ian started the match well on the method feeder taking around 60lbs in the first two hours, but then the bites dried up. Ian then switched to meat short and down the inside catching very well for the final hour. However, it was too little, too late for Ian, with the end pegs on the chalet bank running away from him.



Angler's Name                                         Weight (lbs/oz)                       Peg # / Lake
Andrew Musgrove (Edgeley Sports Ltd)       199-06-00                                14 (Speci)
Steve Openshaw                                     187-14-00                                82 (Speci)
Andy Kinder (Maver / Marukyu)                 162-04-00                                81 (Speci)
Bryan Travis                                            162-00-00                                8 (Match)
Ian Giddins (Maver)                                  144-06-00                                4 (Speci)
Myles Levy                                              141-10-00                                30 (Match)
Pemb Wrighting (Maver)                           121-13-00                                44 (Match)
Danny Baker (Tredegar)                           118-05-00                                62 (Match)