Marmite produces brace of big commons

Marmite – you either love it or hate it. And it proved to be the former for the carp in the Hampshire gravel which Chris Westley was targeting when he landed a brace of commons topped by this 30lb 2oz specimen.

Both fish were taken from a spot tight to an overhanging marginal tree which the Dorset-based 30 Plus-backed rod had waded out to and baited with a mixture of different sized pellets covered in Marmite.

Chris has enjoyed an impressive run of form on the venue and with only one target fish left on his hit list he has put a large part of his success down to the use of Marmite.

“It really seems to pull the fish in and hold them for a length of time,” he said. “The spot I was fishing started off about the size of a dinner plate, but by the end of the session it was as big as a mini.”

His winning presentation consisted of a critically-balanced boilie hookbait on size 6 30 Plus Genomic hook and a fluorocarbon hooklink.