Maggot feeder rig fools 3lb 6oz roach

A four-year quest to catch a roach over the magical 3lb barrier came to a successful conclusion for Chris Ebden when he slipped the net under this superb 3lb 6oz fish.  

The 58-year-old specialist, from Rushden in Northamptonshire, was targeting a gravel pit in Oxfordshire, and finally reached the landmark after presenting his double maggot hookbait, flavoured with Geranium Oil, on a simple helicopter swimfeeder rig with a 2.5in long hooklink of 4lb fluorocarbon and a size 16 hook.

“I've been fishing this water for so long was really starting to think it would never happen. This winter has been particularly difficult as the water has been exceptionally weedy and I had only caught one roach previously, a 2lb 9oz fish in November, despite a number of trips. When I initially weighed the fish with shaking hands, I couldn't believe the I had cracked the 3lb barrier,” said Chris, who beat his old personal best for the species by 10oz.