Maggot and worm cocktail produces 4lb 1oz ide

This personal best 4lb 1oz ide was caught by Adrian Eves during a ‘fact finding’ session on a southern commercial water which he had never fished before.

Setting up a quiver-tip rod with a small running lead, the Dynamite Baits and Fox-backed rod presented a double red maggot and chopped worm hookbait flavoured with Dynamite XL Liquid Worm on a size 18 Fox Series 2 hook and a 4.22 Microplus XT hooklink over a bed of GLM XL groundbait.

“I was trying to find out what else was in the water apart from the carp and was basically fishing for whatever came along. When I first saw the fish come to the surface I thought it was a chub, but the penny eventually dropped when I got it in the net.”