Long range tactics produce 14lb 10oz bream

Long range feeder tactics produced a brace of mid-double figure bream for Steve Sutton, the best of which weighed 14lb 10oz.

Having earmarked a tough north west reservoir, the Wigan-based angler peppered an area around a marker float 120 yards out with a staggering 150 balls of groundbait, which consisted of a mix of 50 per cent Van Den Eynde Gold Pro Bream and 50 per cent brown crumb. This was laced with dead maggots, hemp and corn, and was catapulted to a clear gravel patch in around 16ft of water by the 33-year-old.

“All of my six bream came in darkness, and this also included a fish of 13lb,” he said. “I fished two rods on semi-fixed bolt rigs, with one baited with three worms and the other a maggot clip packed with red maggots.”

He tied his winning rigs with 6lb hooklinks and size 14 Drennan Super Specialist barbel hooks.