Ladies world record carp

This 84lb mirror, which was only 6lb lighter than the captor, is the largest carp ever to be caught by a female angler.

Jo Green hooked into the colossal specimen just 36 hours into her week session at world record venue Les Graviers in France, and it was the highlight of a 22 fish haul for the 36-year-old and her partner Mike, which also included three sixties to 62lb 3oz.

The all-important bite came in the early hours of the second day of the trip after she offered a Baitcraft UK Tactical T1 hookbait offered over a bed of T1 boilies.

“It was an absolute screamer and I flew out of the bivvy and hit into what felt like a lump,” said Jo.

“A mammoth battle followed and it was another 40 minutes before I slipped it into the net. I called the lake owner Luke Moffat to come and weigh the fish and he immediately identified it as the Brown Fish which is one of the lake’s most sought after fish.”