LIVE Maver Match This News!

Keep checking back to this page for LIVE updates on the £50,000 Maver Match This Final. Angling Times will be on the bank all day bringing you all the action!

12.00 And they're off! In five hours time we will know who's the 2012 Maver Match This champion and who will receive £50,000! There's runners-up prizes too - £5,000 for second place and £3,000 for third place. Les Thompson, Lee Woodhouse, Jamie Hawkins and Myles Levy are all on end pegs but like last year there are blockers so they are less of an advantage. Steve Barraclough, Andy Power, Andy Geldart and Grant Albutt were all in the final last year so it's a second chance for them to win the £50,000.

12.30 Plenty of fish are being caught from all over the lake so no one is running away with it at the moment. Kurtis Greenwood has just taken a fish on the bomb fishing pellet, Les Thompson has taken a large carp early on and has just landed  an F1, James Dent is in to another carp and Andy May has caught a string of F1s.

1.00 Here's a link to the first short video clip of the day:

1.30 The Match Lake here at Larford, Stourport, is on fire! If you look round the lake, there's always at least five people playing a fish. Steve Barraclough has just netted a large fish on the bomb, Les Thompson on peg 12 is catching well up in the water plus Grant Albutt and Andy Power are both putting plenty of fish in the net.

2.00 It's hard to call it at the moment with several anglers with big weights. Commentator Phil Briscoe reckons it's between Grant Albutt and Les Thompson at the moment.

2.30 Myles Levy on peg 1 has started to catch well, the pegs on his bank nearest the venue entrance have all started to catch on the bomb whereas the pegs on the opposite bank are catching shallow on the pole.

3.00 Just two hours to go, click the link below to see how things are shaping up...


3.30 Les Thompson is now admitting to around 70lb, but we think it's more than that! Going in to the last stages of the match now and the fishing is only going to get better as the larger carp move in to the margins. There are some big fish in the Match Lake so just a few of these can really boost the anglers' weights.


4.00 We're now going in to the last hour of the match and the bigger fish are starting to be caught. Ian Giddins, James Dent, Andy Power and Gareth Malman have all just taken big fish from the edge.


4.30 James Dent is bagging up down the margins, he's just had another lump. Andy May is fishing the bomb and catching a few small carp. Ian Giddins is also catching well down the edge but has just lost a larger carp while bringing it to the net.

Now Ian is admitting to having 70lb in his net. He's just put another carp in his net of about 8lb. In the closing stages of the match everything can change. Don't forget not only is there £50,000 up for the winner there is also £5,000 for the runner up and £3,000 for the angler that finishes in third place.

Twenty minutes to go and Ian Giddins has lost a huge fish at the net - is that going to cost him?

Don't rule out Jamie Hawkins on peg 24. He's fished the margins for most of the five hours and only taken large carp. Could he be in the top three?

Grant Albutt, Andy Power and James Dent all have big fish on caught from the margins. Expect a big weight to win today!

4.45 Who will be crowned the 2012 Maver Match This champion and scoop £50,000? Click the link below for the latest news from the bankside...


5.00 It's time for the weigh-in! Here's pegs 1 to 12...

Peg 1 - Myles Levy 32kg 460

Peg 2 - Howard Kelly 15kg 540

Peg 3 - Andy May 17kg 460

Peg 4 - Kurtis Greenwood 24kg 540

Peg 5 - Steve Barraclough 20kg 280

Peg 6 - Gareth Malman 13kg 320

Peg 7 - Andrew Musgrove 9kg 230

Peg 8 - Tony Gilbert 21kg 740

Peg 9 - Paul Hiller 10kg 780

Peg 10 - Daniel Scott 32kg 540

Peg 11 - Jeremy Attwood 12kg 500

Peg 12 - Les Thompson 56kg 260

So at the moment Les Thompson is the lead with 56kg 260 and in line for the £50,000 prize.

Here's how pegs 13 to 24 got on...

Peg 13 - Lee Woodhouse 19kg 320

Peg 14 - Andrew Geldart 12kg 900

Peg 15 - Daniel Ludgate 11kg 080

Peg 16 - Barry Mason 16kg 200

Peg 17 - Grant Albutt 27kg 020

Peg 18 - Andy Power 40kg 260

Peg 19 - James Dent 33kg 220

Peg 20 - Ian Giddins 46kg 640

Peg 21 - Craig Elkin 16kg 840

Peg 22 - Lee Farmer 23kg 180

Peg 23 -  Jason Le Bosquet 27kg 140

Peg 24 - Jamie Hawkins 25kg 900

And the 2012 Maver Match This Champion is Les Thompson scooping £50,000! He weighed in 56kg 260, well ahead of runner-up Ian Giddins who had 46kg 640 who takes home £5,000 and Andy Power finishes in third place receiving £3,000 with his 40kg 260 weight.

Well done Les Thompson. Here's what he had to say...