Kordatorial deals

Now is the perfect time to up your game and learn a few tricks that’ll help you catch more carp than ever in 2012! Korda’s Kordatorial tuition service, fronted by big-carp man Darrell Peck, has never been cheaper to use.

If there are two of you, the news is even better. If you book as a pair, Korda will give you one tuition for half price. So, whereas you’d normally pay £300 per person for 24 hours, you’ll now pay just £450 for two people. The same deal applies to the 10-hour tuitions, which now cost £270 for two people.

So, what can you expect from a day with Darrell? Well, he’s one of the clearest-thinking anglers that you’re likely to meet and he’ll sort out any problems or queries that you’ve got, simplifying and uncluttering your approach as he goes.

Best of all, you’ll emerge from your Kordatorial a more confident angler, ready to take on any challenge. There’s no real upper limit to the ability of tuition pupils, because Darrell can cover his big-fish angling tactics and ethos as well. In fact, pretty much any of us would benefit from a day with Darrell!

If you want to find out more, click on the Kordatorial section of the Korda website www.korda.co.uk, or call Jon Mann 01268 522417.