Incredible winter haul

One of the greatest ever winter carp catches has been made by Carl Pritchard who banked four fish for a staggering total of 172lb 4oz from Fryerning Fisheries in Essex.

The highlight of his impressive haul was the venue’s biggest resident, The Gurm, at a weight of 50lb 2oz, and he also landed two forties of 42lb 7oz and 40lb as well as a 39lb 14oz mirror.

With nothing showing when he arrived at the 18-acre water, the 23-year-old air conditioning engineer set up in a swim in a sheltered bay which had a good track record for producing fish during the colder months. And with the other anglers around him piling the bait in, Carl went down the opposite route and baited lightly with just a handful of boilies over each rod.

The move paid off, and on the first night of his 72 hour session he landed a 40lb mirror on a double Nash Mutant artificial hookbait. The next evening he caught his second forty, and on the final night he banked the 39lb 14oz mirror which was shortly followed by the huge 50lb 2oz specimen.

All of the fish were caught from the back of a gravel bar at 35yds range and apart from the first carp, were taken on DT Baits Green Beast boilies.
“It was the session of a lifetime and I still can’t believe it actually happened,” said the Essex-based rod. “I was delighted to catch the two forties as I’d never had a forty before, but to end the session with the fifty was incredible.”

Carl’s successful presentation consisted of a 7ins 20lb Korda N-Trap hooklink knotless-knotted to a size 7 Nash Fang Gaper hook.