Huge brace of 20lb-plus salmon caught from the River Wye

This huge salmon was one half of a brace of fine fish that were both estimated to weigh ‘well over 20lb’ and were landed by Clive Peglar from the River Wye last week.

Even though the specimen was not weighed, it measured 40 inches in length and took over 10 minutes to beat to the bank after grabbing a spinner. As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, Clive, from Weston-Super-Mare, revealed how he lost an even bigger specimen that eventually slipped the hook.

“I’ve showed this picture to many experts that fish for salmon on the river and the biggest estimate put the fish at 25lb, and the one I had before it was definitely over 20lb as well. However, the one I lost could easily have been a ‘thirty’,” said Clive.

His friend Martin Mumby, who was on hand to help bank the ‘25’ told AT: “Clive has been after a big salmon for years, with little success, then the very first time I visit him fishing the Wye and within 20 minutes he hooked this thing!”