Historic carp waters saved?

The future of some of the UK’s most historic carp waters have taken a huge step towards safety this week following claims that senior ministers are backing away from plans for a controversial high speed rail link between London and Birmingham.

The proposed route of the HS2 line would carve through the Colne Valley potentially destroying fisheries such as Savay Lake, Broadwater, Korda and Harefield, not to mention large numbers of stillwater and river venues between the capital and the West Midlands.

With construction due to start in 2015, Angling Times last year called on anglers to take a stand and save these influential waters by putting their name to a petition.

And the campaign has now been bolstered by reports that support for HS2 among senior ministers, including George Osborne and Transport Secretary Justine Greening, is beginning to cool.

In the weekly political magazine, The Spectator, an unnamed Tory minister even described the scheme as ‘effectively dead.’ The magazine also claimed that Treasury civil servants were nervous about committing money to the project – predicted to cost up to £34billion.

Danny Fairbrass, boss of tackle giant Korda Developments, was behind the campaign from the start and has welcomed the news that fishing could now be saved on these historic waters.

“I was a days-only member of Savay many years ago. The lake is quite simply the most stunning place I’ve ever fished. The amazing fish that swim in it and the legendary anglers who have fished it make Savay an irreplaceable gem in carp-angling history,” said Danny.

“The planned routes will also affect several other waters in the Colne Valley, Korda Lake for example which is where the name Korda Developments came after an exploratory visit to the lake for the up-and-coming season, over 20 years ago. I’ve never fished the lake but hold it in equally high regard as Savay.

“Obviously I was delighted to hear that the people high up within the government could be backing away from the scheme. Even so, I would still urge anyone who hasn’t done so yet and who cares about our countryside to join with me and sign the petition,” added Danny.

Already having been signed by over 53,000 supporters, the ‘Stop HS2’ petition needs over 100,000 signatures in order for it to be considered by government.
This is angling’s opportunity to take a stand and help save Savay along with numerous Colne Valley waters and countless other venues along the proposed high-speed raillink’s route. To add your name to list and have your voice heard visit www.gopetition.com/petitions/stop-hs2.html