Hat-trick complete!

Paul Rudd’s incredible run of form on the Cambridgeshire St Ives Lakes complex has continued with the latest fish to grace his net this 38lb 5oz mirror from Meadow Lake.

The Bedfordshire-based boss of Denham Bait Innovations fished over a firm area at 90yds range which he baited with his company’s The Element boilies.

“I set up on the back of the wind in the weediest part of the lake as I was sure that this was where most of the carp were residing. I saw a few shows in the morning and then at half nine one of my rods ripped off. The fish stripped over 100yds of line in one long run and it was without a doubt the most powerful carp I have ever hooked.”

The huge mirror completed an incredible hat-trick of sought after fish from the complex, which also included the fish known as Colin from the Shallow Pit at 46lb 4oz and the Lagoon’s Black Pig at 40lb 6oz.

Amazingly, the trio of specimens were taken over five nights fishing inside the space of a month.