Fishery owner makes history

Fishery owner Zyg Gregorek has cemented his place in the history books after becoming the first man to catch four different species over the 1,000lb barrier.

The Anglers Paradise boss made the long haul trip to Canada to fish off Prince Edward Island where he landed a huge bluefin tuna which measured over 10ft in length and had a girth of seven feet.

This was added to his already impressive list of four figure species which includes great white and six gill shark of 1,300lb and tiger shark to 1,100lb.

“It was an amazing trip and during the week I had five other fish that could have been close to, or over, 1,000lb,” said Zyg, who is already planning his next challenge.

“My aim now is to catch an elusive Greenland Shark which could push my record to five species.”