Elstow Pits under threat

THE FUTURE of one of the UK’s most influential carp waters has come under threat.

Elstow Pits in Bedfordshire have produced many of the country’s best anglers and were also the birthplace of numerous tackle items that we all take for granted such as dedicated spod and marker rods.

Korda’s hugely popular Stow bobbins are even based on the style of indicator first developed by an angler while fishing Elstow.

The waters could be lost to angling, however, following a planning permission application for a proposed landfill site and incineration facility which has been submitted by FCC Environment who currently have a recycling centre next to the lake.

Anglers have reacted angrily to the news with a Save Elstow Pits page set up on social networking site Facebook. And Angling Times is calling all anglers to help save the historic lakes.

Ian Stott caught one the lake’s most sought after residents, The Mother, at a weight of 49lb in January 2005 said: “It was always my dream to go back to the venue and have another go at some point in the future. Surely they can’t be allowed to deprive other people of their dreams.”

Another venue regular, Paul Rudd, told Angling Times: “It’s the birthplace of modern carp fishing and it would be a travesty if the application is approved. As well as the amazing fish which the lake’s hold they are also home to such a wide range of wildlife.”

To formally object to the planning application go to: www.publicaccess.bedford.gov.uk/online-applications and enter 12/01306/FULWME in the search box. All objections must be submitted by December 12.