Eleven chub to 6lb 13oz on Dorset Stour

A day spent trotting maggots on a stretch of the Dorset Stour produced a sensational catch for Dean Derbyshire, including 11 chub to a best of 6lb 13oz and more than two dozen roach to 1lb 10oz.

The 21-year-old from Kinson, near Bournemouth, caught most of his fish from a far bank run close to a fallen tree in 7ft of water, with a single red maggot on a size 18 hook and 4lb line proving the successful set-up.

Dean, who made his memorable catch in less than five hours, revealed how the haul could have been even more impressive: “I lost what I think was a very big roach indeed on my first cast, and also hooked and lost a barbel which I could do little with because of the light tackle I was using. Nevertheless, it was a brilliant session,” said Dean, who put his faith in 4lb Drennan Supplex mainline and size 18 hooks to nylon from the same company.