Early season eel success

Traditionally-speaking, it’s still a little bit early in the season to be targeting big eels, but that didn’t stop species enthusiast Mark Salt fooling this 6lb 1oz specimen during a session last week.

He set his sights on a local Middlesex gravel pit and after priming his swim with dead maggots, chopped worms and halibut-flavoured groundbait, Mark cast his ‘Dyson rig’ over the top baited with a lobworm.

The National Anguilla Group and Osprey Specimen Group Member, who has also landed eels weighing 6lb, 5lb 7oz and 4lb during a few short sessions at the venue this year, told AT:

“I would have been delighted to get results like this in much better conditions, which just goes to show that it’s well worth getting out there and having a go for big eels right now.”