Deadly new perch bait uncovered

A short session on a popular commercial complex ended with angling coach Russ Evans netting 12 perch over the magical 2lb barrier with the biggest breaking 3lb.

The Gardner and Sticky-backed rod reached for an unusual supermarket offering and then flavoured it with a pungent additive to try and make the most of his outing on a freezing cold day.

While those around him struggled for bites, Russ was into fish instantly and the action never stopped until the end of the outing.

“This bait is absolutely incredible in the winter. It has a really noticeable smell and big perch find it irresistible in even the harshest of conditions,” explained Russ.

For more details on the winning tactic, pick up a copy of next week’s Angling Times, on the shelves from Tuesday February 14.