Dad's 38lb common from son's swim!

A spontaneous few hours of fishing turned into sheer delight for Fox backed Andy Maker as he landed a massive 38lb 10oz common carp from Walthamstow Reservoirs.
Andy who had not visited the venue for 10 years had already banked a couple of small carp from the Lower Maynard when he decided to go see his son Tom, who was already fishing on the Two and Three Reservoir.
“Tom had a mid-twenty in the net when I arrived in his swim, his third of the day, so it would have been rude to decline his offer for me to chuck a couple of rods out for the last few hours of the day,” he told Angling Times.
“An hour later, my right-hand rod, which was fished locked up to a snag, pulled up tight and I was in. After a good 10-minute scrap a large common rolled in front of us and Tom slipped the net under it.”
The lump, which is the second largest common in the lake, took a Mainline Baits Pineapple pop-up soaked in Betalin and mounted on a 360 rig incorporating a Fox Arma Point LSC hook.
“Ten years ago I was obsessed with trying to catch a big common from the Two and Three, and yet within an hour of going back on there I had nicked one right under Tom’s nose…happy days.”