Chilham Mill's biggest mirror out at 42lb 10oz

Raking and resting his swim proved to be the key to success for Keiron Hearn when he landed this 42lb 10oz mirror from the Chilham Mill syndicate in Kent.

The Warlingham-based angler cast two rods to a gravel bar at 90 yards range and then set about clearing a spot of heavy weed down his left hand margin. This was then baited with a mixture of 15mm and 18mm SMA Baits Fruit and Nut boilies but he decided not to fish over the spot for the first night.

“That night I watched several carp showing over the spot but as tempting as it was I refrained from casting on top of them and let them build their confidence,” Keiron said.

The next morning he eventually positioned a rig on the spot along with another handful of boilies. After landing two small pike from the area during the day he altered his rig so that his Milky Toffee pop-up was only sat an inch off the lakebed as opposed to three.

“Just before I was about to turn in for the night I had a take out of the blue and from the sheer power of the fight I knew it was one of the lake’s big girls. When I lifted the net out of the water I recognised it as Chilly’s Fish – the most sought after carp in the venue. I had dreamed of catching this fish for years and never thought I’d land it during only my second season on the water,” he added.