Cheesepaste fools 8lb 12oz River Lea chub

ONE of the biggest chub of the season has been caught by Jake Davoile in the form of this 8lb 12oz specimen during only his second session on the River Lea.

In a trip the previous week, the Coventry-based fishery officer managed to land six fish to 6lb 10oz from the Hertfordshire waterway using cheesepaste and roving tactics.

He then returned to the venue a few days later and concentrated on the areas in which he had had bites from on his first session.

“I baited and fished several swims taking four fish to just over 4lb,” said the 29-year-old. “On dark I headed to the swim where I’d caught the 6lb 10oz chub from.

“After 30 minutes of touch legering I felt a slight pull on my line. I struck into the bite and was met with incredible power as the fish did its best to find sanctuary among the various snags. I knew it was a very good fish but I held my own and played it very hard to keep it away from the hazards.

“Eventually it popped up in the margins and dropped in the net on the first time of asking. I literally went to bits when I turned on my headtorch and got a proper look at what I’d caught.”

The fish, which beat his previous best for the species of 7lb 4oz, was caught with a piece of homemade cheesepaste moulded round a size 4 hook attached to 5lb Maxima mainline.

“I think the catch is going to take some time to properly sink in. I just keep saying 8lb 12oz in my head and grinning like a Cheshire cat,” he added.