Bream pb broken twice in one session

Craig Woolhouse broke his bream personal best twice in one session after landing six double-figure fish, topped by this 14lb 6oz specimen.

Targeting a local gravel pit in Leicestershire, he presented four red maggots on a helicopter feeder set-up and kept the bream rooting about in his swim by lacing it with over 50 balls of groundbait, six pints of maggots and three tins of sweetcorn during his highly-productive 48-hour session.

Craig’s other ‘doubles’ scaled 10lb 8oz, 10lb 15oz (twice), 11lb 10oz and 13lb 2oz. he also landed a smaller fish of 9lb 12oz.

“My personal best used to stand at 12lb 10oz, so when I banked the ‘thirteen’ I thought ‘Right, let’s see if I can catch a ‘fourteen’ by the end of the year. I couldn’t believe it when I achieved my goal the very next day!” said Craig.