Brace of forties and two pb's for Ian Stott

Ian Stott has continued his fantastic run of form this season by banking a personal best common and mirror carp during a session at Wellington Country Park in Berkshire using his unique version of the stiff-hinged rig.

Fresh from a seven fish haul at his Bedfordshire syndicate water he arrived at the 35-acre venue and soon found a few carp showing.

One rod was cast 85yds towards an island, the second slightly further in to a silty gulley and the third to a spot at 70yds with a PVA bag of boilies. He then scattered half a kilo of Sticky 16mm Vor-Tex boilies over each rig. Despite several carp continuing to crash out in the area it wasn’t until the early hours of the morning that he received the first take.

“When I picked up the rod I was shocked at the sheer power of the carp and every time I tried to gain any line it would just rip off,” said the 47-year-old Cambridgeshire-based landscape gardener. “After 15 minutes it weeded me up solid and I had to go out in the boat to free it. Eventually I got it in the net and back on land I watched gobsmacked as the scales settled on 48lb 3oz – a new pb common.”

A smaller fish of 26lb 8oz then graced his net shortly afterwards and at midday he wound his rods in to rest the swim until the evening. With all three of his rods repositioned and baited with another half a kilo of boilies he saw a huge carp come out of the water right up to the wrist of its tail just short of the island.

“I had a few bleeps at first light and I’d just put the stove on when the rod rattled off. It was another strong fish and I was just left hanging on as it stripped line off my reel. It then started swimming towards me and I had to wind frantically to keep up with it. I had to slip my waders on and after a close range tussle I managed to get it in the net. As I lifted it from the water I knew that it was going to be really big. We weighed it at 49lb 10oz – my second pb of the session – and a few choice words were shouted!”

Both of Ian’s fish were taken on Sticky Peach and Pepper pop-ups mounted on his version of the stiff-hinged rig. Rather than attaching the boom and pop-up sections with a swivel he simply ties the two loops together. “I find this presentation much neater without the swivel and once balanced with piece of lead putty it sits better on the lakebed.”