Biggest cod for 20 years landed!

A sea angler who had never caught a cod before is celebrating this week after landing what many are already hailing as ‘the fish of 2012’.

Chris Proctor took the hugely impressive 43lb 7oz giant – the biggest cod taken anywhere in the UK for almost 20 years – after joining a group of friends aboard the Deep Blue charter boat out of Sovereign Harbour in East Sussex.

London-based Chris admitted that at first he thought he’d hooked the wreck that the anglers were targeting, before the huge fish started stripping line from his reel as it made off with his small ‘sidewinder’ lure.

It is the biggest cod landed since the British record of 58lb was landed off Whitby back in 1992, and its weight was verified by staff at Anglers Den tackle shop in Pevensey Bay.

*Full details and more pictures of this incredible fish, plus more huge cod, only in this week’s Angling Times.