Big eel worth the wait

Eel fishing fanatic Steve Ricketts had the most productive 50 minutes’ fishing of his life when he landed a string of four specimens topped by a superb 7lb 10oz fish.

The London-based angler was fishing at a Kent stillwater with a group of friends, and none of the party had received a bite for four days until the quartet of big eels homed in on Steve’s popped-up lobworm hookbaits, presented on a Dyson rig.

“It was a really bizarre session - it was as if the fish suddenly adopted a pack mentality and made a B-Line for that particular spot,” said National Anguilla Club member Steve, who also banked eels weighing 6lb 9oz, 5lb 7oz and 4lb 11oz.

“I’d put a fish back, cast out and then in just under 10 minutes the rod would fly off again. It was a great way to start this season’s campaign.”