Attention to detail results in 43lb 4oz mirror

ONE thing that few anglers take into consideration when targeting specimen carp is their line lay. But by paying close attention to details such as this can make all the difference as Rob Willingham proved with this 43lb 4oz mirror from Cleverley Top Lake.

The Korda employee arrived at the Essex venue on a Friday evening, and with strong winds and torrential rain lashing down he wasted no time getting his rods out in an area of the lake where he knew the fish had been residing over the last few days. But despite fish crashing out in front of him during the night, his bobbins had remained motionless by the morning.

“The day turned out to be bright and sunny, and with a few fish cruising near the surface I cast out a couple of zigs, but these failed to produce anything,” Rob told Angling Times.

“There was a lot of weed in front of the swim which was making things very awkward for me to get my lines down and into position. To solve this I spent an hour raking the area so that I could a better line lay.”

With everything sorted he got his rods back out for the night and spread a scattering of boilies over his hookbaits.

“It was a clear, starry night unlike the previous one, and I was in bed by 9:30pm. I awoke to a slow, forceful take at around 4:25am, and lifted into what was a powerful specimen. I was immediately forced to give line slowly as it surged left in the deeper water.

“Applying steady pressure I eventually began to retrieve some line and got her within close quarters. There was only one band of weed in front of me that I hadn’t cleared and guess what happened? She went straight into it and wedged herself solid.

“It was only a few yards off the bank and I knew it was just shallow enough for me to climb into the waders and go after her, which I duly did. I managed to get the rod directly above the fish and within a couple of minutes she popped up to the surface.

“It was then panic stations as she bolted through my other two lines leaving me in a right mess. I managed to sort this out with a little nip one pearl one and soon enough she was engulfed in the mesh. It was her, I couldn’t believe it, Geezers weighing 43lb 4oz. I got some very memorable pictures and would like to thank all my mates that shared the occasion with me.”

Rob put his faith in his favourite hinged stiff rig presentation which was tied with an Amnesia boom section and 15lb Mouthtrap pop-up section attached to a size 8 Korda Choddy hook.