Attempted poisoning at top carp day-ticket water

One of the country’s most popular day-ticket carp waters has fallen victim of an attempted poisoning after large amounts of diesel were tipped into the lake.

The attack took place at the prolific Thorpe Lea in Surrey, where the oil was poured on to the ice and started to spread across the venue once it thawed last Wednesday. Thankfully, strong winds helped to push the pollution into a bay, helping to limit the damage.

The fishery’s bailiff, Gary Beale, who first smelt the diesel from the other side of the lake, told Angling Times how he is sure the incident was far from an accident.

He said: “We went round to investigate and could see the oil all over the surface. The wind had stopped it from completely covering the venue and contained it in one area. I believe it was definitely a malicious attack by someone. There is an old yard behind the hedge at this end of the lake and the person must have come through here and poured the diesel on to the ice.”

Fortunately, no fish were killed as a result of the attack and the oil has now been removed from the lake and safely disposed of.

“We called the Environment Agency straight away who sent a couple of officers down and supplied us with oils booms to soak it up from the water. Thankfully it hasn’t affected the fishing at all and it is business as usual. We actually had an angler down who had 23 fish during the night while the oil was being cleared up. Two swans had to be taken by the local rescue sanctuary to be cleaned up, but they have now been returned to the water. The incident has been reported to the police who are investigating it,” he added.

Anyone with information on the attack should contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.