A smart solution for a hi-tech problem

Water and smartphones just don’t mix, as many of us have found out to our cost.

Mobile telephones, music players and increasingly smartphones are critical to our entire lives in today’s high tech world. We use them to manage all our contacts, our diaries, emails, photographs, social media, bank accounts, games and 1000’s of other applications.

It’s estimated that more than 30% of UK smartphone users have damaged their devices by either dropping it in water or spilling a liquid over it. Even if you have insurance there will usually be an excess to pay for a replacement handset, but often more importantly what about all the information that is stored on it? When was the last time it was backed up? Can it be recovered?

Many of us will have tried homemade solutions, such as placing the device in a bag of rice or drying it out using heat, which can cause even more damage.

Rescuetec is a smart new product that uses science to remove water from your device and bring it back to life.

The Rescuetec pack contains a special compound, up to 700% more absorbent than rice, which is like a magnet for water and will dry out any device placed inside. Rescuetec has undergone detailed laboratory testing and is proven to recover phones and other personal electronic devices, even after prolonged submersion in water.

Other liquids such as salt water, alcohol and detergent can also be removed with a combination of rinsing the pollutant away with clean water and then using the Rescuetec pack. The pack also includes an indicator to tell you when the device is dry and safe to restart.

Retailing at £15.00, Rescuetec is launched in the UK this week via the website www.rescuetec.com and should soon also be available in major retailers across the country.