69lb mirror tops 74 fish haul

LUKE Edwards enjoyed an action packed session at Domaine le Ribiere in France, landing no less than 74 carp topped by a 69lb mirror.

The Wolverhampton-based rod’s staggering haul also included two other sixties, weighing 64lb and 60lb, seven fifties and 15 forties.

“The sport was non-stop throughout the trip and I even had to reel in for a few hours each day just so I get some sleep,” the 31-year-old told Angling Times. “I’d spent a fair bit of money on bait and took around £500 of Mainline Baits MK1 boilies, maggots, casters, hemp, sweetcorn, maize and parti-mix with me. The more bait I put in the more fish I caught and when I slipped the net under the bigg’un I couldn’t have cared less about the cost of the bait,” he added.

Luke tackled the French stillwater with double MK1 10mm boilie hookbaits tipped with fake maggots.

These were fished blow-back style on a Fox Kuro S3 hooks and 12lb Illusion Fluorocarbon hooklinks. Illusion Fluorocarbon mainline and Captive Backleads were also used to ensure everything was pinned down and out of the way of the carp.

“The rig proved to be devastating and my hook holds were at times up to two inches back in the carp’s mouth.”