41lb 8oz mirror on Nash Zig Bug

A hunch that the carp would be held up in the deeper water paid off for Jerry Hammond when he banked this 41lb 8oz mirror from Bowyers Lake in the Lee Valley Park.

It was the first time the Essex-based Nash consultant had fished the 25-acre venue and he spent the first night of his session in an area on the back of a cold North Westerly wind. The night passed without event so he decided to move to a swim on the end of the wind where he knew the lake was a little deeper.

“I cast out two rods with Nash Zig Bugs, one set at 5ft and the other at 6ft,” Jerry told AT. “I hadn’t even turned on my alarms when I heard line stripping off the spool of one of my reels. After a dogged battle where the fish tried to find sanctuary in a snaggy treeline I landed a stunning mirror.
This is the first fish to be caught from the lake since last autumn, and it has only been landed twice since 2009,” he added.