40lb 4oz common for Jerry Hammond

JERRY Hammond has caught his twenty third UK carp over the 40lb-barrier in the form of this 40lb 4oz common.

The owner of Carthagena Fishery was fishing on his own syndicate water when he hooked in to the fish which has avoided capture since the start of the season.

With carp showing just below the surface he started the session using zig rigs but when the fish dropped down in the water he switched over to chod rigs on the deck.

This produced a 12lb mirror almost straight away and then on the final morning the specimen known as Tango.

Jerry used a new boilie he is helping develop with Mad Baits on chod rigs tied with ESP Stiff Rig Bristle Filament and size 5 Stiff Rigger hooks.

He said: “I’ve just signed with Century so this was the perfect way to christen my new ADV-1 rods. It’s the first time this fish has topped the 40lb-barrier too.”