40lb 2oz mirror for Bryan Jarrett

In between working, tutorials and going to the Czech Republic Bryan Jarrett recently managed to squeeze in a trip to his syndicate water and landed this cracking 40lb 2oz mirror.

With heavy rain and storms forecast, the Hinders of Swindon boss baited an area just short of a deep drop off in 6ft of water with a mixture of Elips pellets, Little Gemz soaked in Salmon Pro, a jar of Carp Krunch and Chopped Tigers and 1kg of Blitz boilies. Over the top of this he cast a Blitz boilie tipped with a piece of imitation corn soaked in Betalin.

He said: “I put my rods out at about 6pm, but it wasn't until lunch time the next day that I had the take. The fish went up and down the lake a number of times before dropping into my waiting net. And what a fantastic looking fish it was weighing in at 40lb 2oz.”