40 year wait for pb roach comes to an end

A 40-year campaign to break his roach personal best ended with Peter Kelly slipping the net under this 3lb roach from the River Frome.

The Wimbourne-rod had made the journey to Purbeck Angling to pick up his Wareham DAS season ticket and after making his purchase decided to wet a line on the club stretch for half an hour.
Within minutes of making his first cast, a small trout had fallen for his legered breadflake hookbait, but shortly afterwards he received another fast take that resulted in the memorable catch.

“I had barely any time to fish but I had a rod, a few slices of bread and a landing net and couldn’t resist a couple of casts.”

“I’ve spent countless sessions over four decades trying to beat my previous best of 1lb 15oz and it finally happens when I’m least expecting it,” explained Peter, who was using a 3lb hooklink and a size 12 hook.