40 year old leather landed

THIS 30lb 10oz leather has to be one of the oldest carp in the country and is believed to be at least 40-years-old.

It was caught by Luke Griffiths during an overnight session on the Little Bundy’s day-ticket water in Cambridgeshire.

Targeting a spot on the edge of an overhanging tree in 20 feet of water just 10 yards from the bank, the 24-year-old carpenter baited the area with 30, 18mm Mainline Baits Cell boilies. Over the top of this he positioned a matching hookbait on a size 6 Fox Arma Point XSC hook with a Line Aligna Adaptor pushed over the eye and a 25lb Coretex hooklink.

“I have been dabbling on the lake on and off all year but decided to have a concerted winter campaign to try and catch the leather,” said Luke. “This was only the second night of my campaign and I was surprised to catch it so quickly as it doesn’t get caught very often.  Not only is it a stunning looking fish, the fact that it is nearly twice as old as me makes it a really special capture.”